Whatever Folds Your Boat

This origami-inspired canoe ensures that you’re always ready for adventure

Photos: IDEO/Nicolas Zurcher

1. Coast+ Kayak  |  $3,300

Seat: The foam seat and fully adjustable backrest and footrest provide for a comfortable paddling experience for a wide range of water conditions

Material: A double-layered marine-grade Coroplast makes up the kayak, providing for both a lightweight and durable water craft

Deck straps: Secure your gear with its plethora of convenient rubber straps and lines

Design: Oru Kayak has garnered several awards for its unique designs with the Coast+ featuring a custom “plus” print. The Oru Bay, the company’s first product, is even featured in the permanent collection in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The 16-foot Coast+ Kayak from Oru Kayak redefines outdoor adventure. Its origami-inspired design and single-seam construction allows you to fold it up for easy portability and storage. When you’re ready to hit the water, the kayak can transforms from box to boat in minutes. With its reinforced cockpit and dual bulkheads, the Coast+ provides a smooth paddling experience guaranteed to thrill beginner and seasoned kayakers alike.

2. Paddle  |  $180–$200

Much like the Coast+ Kayak, the Oru Paddle champions portability along with versatility. With its ability to break down into four pieces, you will be able to store it effortlessly inside the vessel. The paddle is also completely customizable, allowing you to adjust both its length and the angles of the blade. The fiberglass shaft and ABS blades are light, ensuring easier paddling.

3. Carrying Bag  |  $235

Carry your Coast+ Kayak anywhere with the Oru Pack. Its heavy-duty nylon material allows you to face the elements with no fear. Plus its padded shoulder and hip straps gives you a comfortable carrying experience whether you’re hiking to your next launching point or taking your kayak through airport security.