Developing a Real Estate Solutions Company’s Building Blocks

Jennifer Bouyoukos creating a winning talent strategy to keep ARGUS Software on top of the commercial real estate industry

Growing up in Canada, Jennifer Bouyoukos was raised in an entrepreneurial environment. Her father was a leading local businessman, and he was responsive to employees and customers all hours of the day, so the nine-to-five workday was foreign to Bouyoukos.

“His business was also integrated in the community and supported an ecosystem of local organizations,” she says. “I believe I have learned my work style from those early years. I take accountability seriously and care deeply about the health of the organizations that I support.”

These days that means helping ARGUS Software continue to offer top services to commercial real estate’s leading owners, managers, financial institutions, REITs, brokerages, and appraisers. Bouyoukos serves as the company’s vice president of human resources and talent management, a position that takes full advantage of the executive’s background.

Bouyoukos began her career in HR placing top talent in emerging tech firms as an agency recruiter, and grew an exciting career in the technology sector working for software vendors and large financial institutions. “The technology industry in Canada is a tight community given its size and the limited talent pool,” she says. “These characteristics provide me with many opportunities in my career not often available to my peers in other industries. Advancement came quickly as the market for progressive HR talent heated up. Given my family’s entrepreneurial roots, I found a fit in lean, fast-paced start-up environments where every employee counts and individuals can really impact the organization.”

After a few years in the banking industry, she received a call from ARGUS, and was intrigued by the idea of commercial real estate, the financial technology space, and the global HR leadership opportunity afforded her. “This role allowed me to really apply my years of learning and experience I’d gained along the way in an industry that is in the midst of a major transformation,” she says. “As a change agent, this was incredibly attractive to me.”

ARGUS Software creates products that provide consistency, transparency, and efficiency in the financial and operational processes that drive the global commercial real-estate market. Its products are built exclusively for commercial real-estate companies, incorporating more than 25 years of experience serving the industry and listening to customers.

Bouyoukos notes that while ARGUS Software creates a niche product, its solutions are widely recognized and used throughout the commercial real-estate industry. “They are known for delivering superior investment visibility and powerful reporting and productivity capabilities,” she says. “In particular, our flagship asset and portfolio management platform, ARGUS Enterprise, brings significant value to a client’s asset and investment management process. Today’s fast-paced commercial real-estate market requires speed, flexibility, and accuracy, and ARGUS Enterprise allows commercial real-estate professionals to work smarter and faster, whether they are brokers, valuers, owners, or investors.”

What makes ARGUS Enterprise unique is the powerful global capabilities it brings to the market, as it offers a single unified platform for managing commercial real-estate assets, whether the assets or users are local or span multiple countries and regions around the world.

“Its robust global analysis and reporting capabilities using local currencies, local rate and market assumptions, and other key geographic functionality means that no matter how challenging the client requirements are, it can handle any assignment regardless of scope or location around the world,” Bouyoukos says. “The platform empowers customer decision-making across their own portfolios and global assets or on behalf of their clients. This enables our customers to connect to the market with greater speed, visibility, and efficiency.”

After being brought up in an agency recruitment environment, Bouyoukos learned how to be both creative and targeted in her approach, which has benefited the company in a niche market.

“Spending a significant amount of time supporting sales and marketing teams, I learned to leverage the approaches used in generating customers in niche markets,” Bouyoukos says. “At the core is the ability to articulate the unique value proposition your organization can offer employees and the capability to leverage your internal networks to connect you with the best talent.”

ARGUS is transforming the way its customers do business, modernizing commercial real-estate business processes and expanding into emerging markets. “To do this, the way we organize work and the characteristics of the talent we hire needed to evolve,” Bouyoukos says. “As a global business, this also means there is a huge dependency on cultural integration. I think this has been the largest challenge for us and for me as a professional.”

Bouyoukos has had to lead and support the market expansion and cultural integration from a people perspective through communication and alignment strategies. For the VP, defining the future talent profile versus legacy systems and figuring out how to evolve the organization while leveraging its deep knowledge and networks are  priorities for ARGUS’s continuing growth.