Ahead of the Pack

A look at what drives Wylie Hui in his spare time

Wylie Hui, CFO, Tintina Resources

Mountain biking and road cycling

One to three times a week. “As much as my CEO—aka, my spouse—allows!”

Vancouver and Squamish, BC

“I ride to live and live to ride. I enjoy the camaraderie of cycling in a group, especially in road cycling, where you take your turn at the front of the paceline to shelter the rest of the group from the wind. The group setting allows you to go further and faster than doing it alone. It really teaches you how to work well as a team. In mountain biking, cycling in a group allows you to seek new adventures and try new trails. It has definitely improved my can-do attitude towards life and work and has helped me to focus and keep my creative juices flowing. I would encourage everyone to go ride a bike—it can truly change your life.”