Time is Money

TimeXtender is bringing its data warehouse automation solutions to North America, helping Canadian companies mine data faster and cheaper than ever before

Twenty Belgian BMW dealerships needed a critical business intelligence (BI) solution. Annually, the group sells 6,000 cars, generating accurate, real-time data and monitoring sales performance, which drives that success. Last year, managers grew tired of poring over complex Excel spreadsheets and trying to manipulate and understand cumbersome tables and graphs. The setup was untenable: employees made errors and wasted time while struggling with the system.

When the existing dealer management system (DMS) showed its limitations, major dealers in the area came to Denmark’s TimeXtender for a powerful custom solution—but time was of the essence, as sales decreased with each passing day. The dealers asked TimeXtender to build a complex BI solution and integrate it with an existing DMS across multiple sites. A task of this size often requires 8–12 weeks. The auto dealers wanted it done in just three.

Automotive BI specialists CALM-Co recommended TimeXtender to deliver a solution in record time. The team built a data warehouse leveraging TimeXtender products to mine data from the BMW dealers and generate useful information and eliminate the need for overly complicated spreadsheets. Now the auto dealers receive information in near real-time. Managers get information on employee activities sorted by car make, model, and year. They have the immediate information needed to make faster, more strategic business decisions.

These types of success stories are common for TimeXtender. The company, which started in 2005, has grown into the world’s largest data warehouse automation (DWA) software provider for the Microsoft SQL Server. CEO Heine Krog Iversen says TimeXtender’s location in Europe has been critical to its growth and success. “We had a great start in Europe and were able to expand rapidly across other global markets,” he says. The company now has a second office in Redmond, Washington, and 2,600 customers in 62 countries on 7 continents. TimeXtender has grown more than 60 percent per year since 2011.

Growth comes when a business successfully anticipates, identifies, and fills a gap in the market. With companies feeling the pressure to automate labour-intensive work and decrease time to market, they’re turning to TimeXtender for advanced DWA solutions.

“TimeXtender has added simplification and automation to our core company values. The main way to execute this is to constantly look for new technology that can make us automate administrative tasks and keep the staff more focused and productive. We constantly change and introduce new systems to make TimeXtender as scalable as possible and, at the same time, keep head count on nonproductive tasks to a minimum. All is cloud-based today!”

In 2014, the company launched TX Financials, a product designed to help finance and accounting executives automate the budgeting process. “TimeXtender’s success comes from our capability to transform an organization’s ability to reduce and simplify its labour requirements to build a data warehouse, and to automate and put the organization’s business in focus fairly quickly,” Iversen says.

During TimeXtender’s early years, as Iversen and his company laid a solid foundation in Europe, they kept an eye on North America, realizing Canadian and US markets would be pivotal. After starting with select partners reselling its solutions in both regions, the company took a big step in 2013 and started building towards full expansion by opening the Redmond office to serve the entire North American market. Since then, TimeXtender has seen three-digit annual growth in Canada and the United States.

Although the Redmond office serves Canada, Iversen says his team will build up the Canadian group over the next two years and may open a new office in Toronto. As these solutions come to the country, Canadian businesses will get easier access to a leading DWA platform backed by TimeXtender’s service teams, which means Canadian companies can harvest their data faster and at a fraction of the cost.

Canada is an integral part of TimeXtender’s aggressive growth plan, as the company continues to expand its market leadership. Iversen hopes to double business in each of the next five years. It’s a lofty yet realistic goal, as TimeXtender now has distributors in Asia, Australia, and Africa. As DWA gains momentum, Iversen is focused on adding more value and growing his software portfolio to add “anything that can automate data and related business operations.” Next, he’ll grow the TX Financials product line into the North American market to keep TimeXtender moving forward.