Whip Your Office into Shape

Give your workplace a workout with these eight health-conscious solutions

1. Green is Good

Adding an indoor plant to your office can not only add a much-needed splash of colour but can also help reduce stress. Depending on your space needs, we recommend a larger Areca palm or a space-saving Chinese evergreen—both require only moderate amounts of care, and both rid the air of various pollutants. $10–$100

2. Mode Lighting

Harness the power of natural light 24-7 with Softech LED’s Natural Light Smart LED Desk Lamp. With four different light settings, this energy-efficient light source is able to closely mimic the sun’s spectrum, offering an increased sense of well-being, alertness, and productivity at all hours. $119  |  softechled.com

3. Put your Feet down

If you’re going to stand all day, you might as well make yourself comfortable. Imprint’s CumulusPro Anti-Fatigue Mat provides support and pressure-relief to your feet, legs, and back, so you’ll be able to work harder, longer. $100  |  imprintmats.com

4. Desk Jockey

Stay well adjusted with the height-shifting NextDesk Terra Pro, which can go as low as 24 inches and as high as 50.5 inches, with the touch of a button. The 31.5-inch-deep desk is capable of holding 630 pounds and comes in two widths: 63.5 inches and 79 inches. From $3,350  |  nextdesks.com

5. A Custom-fit Sit

Haworth creates a suite of high-end office chairs, but only its Zody Task Chair boasts an endorsement from the American Physical Therapy Association. The chair comes in a variety of customizable styles, but more importantly, the Zody features asymmetrical lumbar adjustments to offer users the support they need. From $600  |  haworth.com

6. Work-life balanced

This crowd-funded board provides an active alternative to those who don’t want to install a full-blown treadmill desk. The Level created by FluidStance comes in various sizes and materials—including maple, walnut, and bamboo. $350–$530  |  fluidstance.com

7. Just Your Type

For the uninitiated, mechanical keyboards offer the tactile “click” that used to be standard on keyboards and typewriters—and users not only report increased comfort, but an increase in typing speed and accuracy. We recommend Das’s Keyboard 4 Professional, which is rated to withstand 50 million key strokes. $150  |  daskeyboard.com

8. Having a Ball

The Technogym Wellness Ball is for those who want to be active yet still want to sit. Unlike normal balance balls, Technogym’s comes with a sleek, nonslip, and washable cover that sports a handle for easy transportation. $300  |  technogym.com