Need a Lift?

Some pertinent pick-me-ups to get you through the day

Photo by Samantha Simmons

1. True Blue
If you like RedBull, you’ll love its Blue Edition, which stays true to the original but offers a taste of blueberry. Also available in Silver (lime) and Red (cranberry) Editions. $2–$4 /

2. Mini but mighty
Caffeinated, calorie-free, and great for on the go, MiO Energy enhances your water in three simple steps. Available in two flavours. $3–$5 /

3. A Better Boost
Get your coffee fix with the Starbucks Doubleshot Energy drink, available in five flavours. $4–$5 /

4. Peak Performer
Ideal for workouts, the PowerBar Performance Energy bar provides ample energy to the muscles during exercise. Low in fat, with no preservatives or artificial flavours. $15 for 12 /

5. Raising the Bar
Made with whole, organic ingredients, a Clif Bar is a good source of protein and fiber, and boasts no trans fat. Plus, it tastes great. A staff favourite. $15 for 12 /