What’s App-ening?

Six ways to make your smartphone smarter


A Strong Track Record
Whether you’re trying to find out how long you actually spend checking e-mail or you just need to log billable hours, Toggl has you covered. Input tasks, press the start button, and the app starts generating breakdowns of your day using charts and graphs, helping you to stop wasting time.
First month is free / iOS, Android / toggl.com

Let It Slide
If you haven’t heard of 2048 by now, say good-bye to your productivity (and we’re sorry). Slide like numbers (starting at 2) in the four cardinal directions to make them collide and combine into a single tile of their sum. A random tile is added to the 4×4 grid with each swipe until you can’t move and you lose—or until you create the titular 2048 tile and win. Great for a work break.
Free / iOS / itunes.apple.com

Start, Collaborate & List ’em
Trello is the place to make and organize lists. You create boards for your projects, add lists, and then add cards to those lists. The project-management tool works best collaboratively, allowing invited users to add, edit, and organize together to finally figure out what people are working on.
Free / iOS, Android, Windows 8 / trello.com

Electronic Pick-me-up
Transform your phone into your life coach with Lift, an app that motivates users to reach their self-improvement targets (e.g., work out, eat healthy, don’t play 2048, etc.) by linking goal-sharing communities and tracking their accomplishments. The app leans on the psychological satisfaction we get from checking off boxes and our desire to not break a chain of successes.
Free / iOS, Android / lift.do

The App of Your Dreams
This one will help you break away from the tyranny of the snooze button by waking you during your lightest sleep phase. Following the same principles of costly bio-alarm clocks, Sleep Cycle deploys your phone’s accelerometer to monitor sleep patterns and gently wake you as if there were no alarm at all.
$0.99 / iOS / sleepcycle.com

Leaving a Paperless Trail
Snap a picture of any document to seamlessly digitize and sync your forms, notes, and more across smartphones, tablets, and computers using CamScanner. The app creates high-quality, editable, and searchable PDFs that can be shared straight from the app to the cloud, your printer, an e-mail, or even a fax.
Basic is account free, premium account is $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year / iOS, Android, Windows 8 / camscanner.net