No Software, No Problem

Fulvio Ciano and Now Solutions Group’s new information-sharing technology could streamline the insurance- and financial-services industries

CEO Fulvio Ciano.
CEO Fulvio Ciano.

Imagine this: a two-way business solution for passing information between an organization and its target user that requires no installations, no software downloads, no plug-ins, no security modifications, and no special configurations. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s called EASX, it’s made by Now Solutions Group, and, as CEO Fulvio Ciano explains, it’s technology that completely takes “the paper out of paperwork.” His Toronto-based company is betting that the product will be a game changer for the insurance, financial, market-research, and educational industries.

Ciano talks about EASX passionately and with a rapid-fire quickness, which he attributes to his Italian ancestry and his excitement about the technology—three years in the making. He spent 15 years in consumer software development and at high-tech upstarts before switching to the telecommunications industry, where he then spent the next decade. He can spot an emerging technology from a mile away, and when he met the creator of EASX while still in telecommunications, he immediately recognized its incredible potential.

5 Questions
with Fulvio Ciano


1. What does innovation mean to your company?
If the technology is doing its job properly, it should be an invisible and seamless part of the process. Our innovation is guided by three principles: simple is better, it has to be reliable, and it’s about people first.

2. Is there a technology, trend, or idea that’s driving your company forward?
We take the paper out of paperwork. We sell proprietary business process solutions custom tailored to your vertical and further refined for your organization’s specific requirements.

3. How do you innovate on a day-to-day basis?
We constantly ask ourselves and our customers, how can we do better? It sounds easy, but it requires humility and discipline.

4. How do you cultivate innovation among your workforce?
We carefully build out and support our team. Prospects are vetted to ensure they’re a good fit with our corporate culture. Our organization is built and managed by thinkers and business owners; no one is punching a time card, and everyone tangibly benefits from new innovations.

5. How can a company encourage innovation without breaking the bank?
By recognizing the rewards of innovation and communicating them. Innovation does not need to be expensive. EASX is a prime example: it removes costs; it means less time and money spent on travel, fewer errors and fixes in order to meet compliance, and a faster, more convenient application process. All of this leads to higher productivity and a better customer experience.

“I felt the need to be involved and [to] help bring the solution to others who could benefit,” Ciano says.

Now Solutions Group is innovating on another level, going beyond co-browsing—the simple ability to create an Internet session where two parties can share a browsing experience—by offering interfaces customized to the different needs and functions of experts and simple participants who have synced. Experts have detailed process-flow features, and participants have easy-to-use dashboards and displays. EASX also enables collaborative sessions to be replayed, allowing the opportunity to revisit all of what was said, done, or confirmed.

Initially, Ciano says, the approach with the technology was, “Look at this cool thing we can do!” That changed quickly. The question soon became, “How can businesses benefit?” According to the CEO, the benefits of EASX are seemingly endless, from improving remote sales and customer service experiences, to increasing revenue, to lowering costs, to enabling comprehensive recording, tracking, and reporting of every customer interaction.

“Any business that needs to collect data or fill out forms with their customers—and that is a lot of businesses—can benefit,” Ciano says. “Initially, we focused on insurance because it’s an industry full of forms and compliance needs. That being said, there are a lot of other businesses that could really benefit from the EASX solution. Our focus is now turning towards financial services. It is hard to get anything from a financial institution without filling out a form, and who wouldn’t like a faster, easier, and more helpful way of doing that?”

Given the possibilities of co-browsing, it’s no surprise that there are a number of companies trying to create their own spin on the technology, but Now Solutions Group and EASX offer something more. According to Ciano, the business’s critical differentiators are its team and the simplicity and elegance of its patented technology.

“Every member of our team understands and is devoted to our approach,” Ciano says. “We’re not selling a product; we’re offering a solution—a fusion of improved workflow processes and proprietary technology. We’ve taken two complex things and made them intuitive, easy, and more effective. Moving forward, we want to help more and more businesses in more and more markets benefit. We want to become the standard way businesses conduct non-face-to-face interactions.”