Inside Look: Scott Goodman

National VP of Human Resources, Parmalat Canada

When we last spoke to Scott Goodman, he was illustrating how HR can better serve your business’s needs by integrating its vision with ownership. Here, he takes a break from his busy schedule and gives us a glimpse of his personal experiences and motivations.

Where were you born?

Where did you grow up?
I’ve lived in Toronto since I was five.

University attended and degree earned?
York University, BA; University of Western Ontario, LLB; Royal Roads University, MBA.

What was your first job?
After paper boy and a couple of retail sales jobs, I was a waiter for years.

Do you remember what you spent your first paycheck on?
Probably candy.

Who’s your role model?
Part Christopher Hitchens, part an idealized Renaissance man—someone with balance who is able to enjoy music, sport, career, and be a great father, husband, son, brother, and friend.

Can you name one business that you truly admire?
Just one is tough. I’ll go with Apple.

What is your biggest weakness?
Bedtime snacks.

Best advice you ever received?
There is beauty everywhere—see it.

Describe yourself in three words.
Balanced, fun, smart.

Biggest pet peeve?
People who state with certainty that which they cannot know (and slow people in the food buffet line!).

Proudest professional achievement?
Building a great HR team at Parmalat Canada.

Proudest personal achievement?
Raising two wonderful kids.

Blog or website that you follow religiously?, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and

What’s better: Twitter or Facebook?

How long is your commute?
30–45 minutes.

Favourite NHL team?
Maple Leafs.

Favourite movie?
Young Frankenstein.

Favourite book?
The Lord of the Rings.

Favourite TV show?
Meet the Press.

Favourite band?
Steely Dan.

If you weren’t in your current profession, what profession would you be in (or like to be in)?
Tournament golf pro.

Favourite place you’ve travelled?
The Rocky Mountains and Venice.

Would your childhood self be surprised at how you’ve turned out?
Good question. Probably not. Maybe a little bit, but in a good way.