The Perfect Match

HealthPointe Medical pairs the right physician with chronic-pain patients

Ken Edwards, CEO.
Ken Edwards, CEO.

HealthPointe Medical Centres Ltd. is the leader in patient-centric care in Alberta. We’re an interdisciplinary pain institute with the best team of professionals in the clinical-care business, with a focus on educating, rehabilitating, and treating patients suffering chronic pain. Our physicians also stress the importance of lifestyle changes, patient independence, and chronic-pain self-management.

Our clinic was established in 2007 after I was approached by Dr. Jamie Irvine and Dr. Dhiren Naidu. At the time, I was a management consultant working with Poet Group, where I specialized in strategic planning and business development. Dr. Irvine and Dr. Nadiu asked me to evaluate the risks and rewards of a “patient clinic”—one that focused solely on pain, spine, and sports medicine. We examined the needs of the medical business and determined that there was an urgent need for such a clinic—a more responsive health-care model that could help a large number of people without the long waiting lists of typical specialist clinics. I decided to join the team as its chief executive officer, while Dr. Naidu took on the role of education director, and Dr. Irvine became medical director.

We serve nonurgent patients with multiclinic and intervention treatments. Our setup as a clinic is unique, as patients are able to speak with three or four specialists during the same visit. HealthPointe also stands out from the rest of the medical community in Alberta thanks to our ability to triage, our direct, [multidisciplinary] clinics, and our offering of treatment procedures and programs in the clinic.

We are able to treat a variety of pain-related ailments and offer several different services—neck and back pain, general physiatry, diagnostic interventional services, sports medicine, health care for the disabled, and more—in addition to helping them deal with the psychosocial issues that result from chronic pain.

Not only are we a leader in the field, HealthPointe also strives to be a wonderful employer. Every member of our management team has a dedication to culture, productivity, and maintaining the work-life balance for all staff members. Our goal is to continue to grow as a clinic, further develop our brand and culture, and to eventually offer our services throughout Canada.