Inside Look

Corina Ludwig, president of FunctionFox Systems Inc.

When we last spoke to Ludgwig, she was explaining how her creative solutions company is able to stay at the top of its game while working in different industries and with clients in multiple countries. Here, she takes a breather from her hectic schedule to discuss some of her experiences, motivations, and favourite things.

Where were you born?
Lachine, Québec.

Where did you grow up?
Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

University attended and degree earned?
Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design.

Favourite class/subject in university?
Graphic design and forensic anthropology.

What was your first job?
Lemonade Stand! First real job—waitress.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Operating photocopiers.

Who’s your role model?
My dog—always kind and loving!

Can you name one business that you truly admire?
Ogilvy & Mather (I used to work at the New York office).

What is your biggest weakness?

Best advice you ever received?
To marry someone that I could be myself with.

Your biggest pet peeve?
Slow drivers and unkind people.

What’s better: Twitter or Facebook?

The last movie you saw in the theatre?

Favourite movie?
The Shawshank Redemption.

Proudest personal achievement?
Conquering all my fears and turning my baking hobby into a thriving business,

Proudest professional achievement?
Earning the Executive of the Year award after being secretly nominated by my staff

The last book you read?
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Favourite book?
Der Struwwelpeter and A Horse, Of Course!

Favourite TV show?

How long is your commute?
Seventeen minutes.

Where will you be in five years?
Loving life and still happy.

Your idea of a relaxing weekend?
Travelling to a beautiful new place, eating sushi and ice cream, taking an afternoon nap, and having dinner with my husband.

Favourite place you’ve traveled to?
The Sahara Desert (by Camel), Italy, Greece, Maui, and Tofino.

Would your childhood self be surprised at how you’ve turned out?
Doubt it. I’m exactly where I planned to be. If you read my old journals, it’s actually quite scary how close they are to where I am now.