Cleaning is Believing

ENJO Canada shows its customers a new and healthier way to clean the home, without the use of any chemicals

ENJO Canada president Trish Ronan discovered the benefits of ENJO products after trying to get marks off the wall in her own home.

It happened on the other side of the world. Trish Ronan was in Australia looking for one more adventure before her young sons began school when ENJO cleaning products found her. While Ronan and her family were moving from one house to another, she noticed a group of marks on the walls, a natural by-product of raising two small boys. After trying a number of ways to remove them—all unsuccessful—someone recommended ENJO products. But, like many of the people who use ENJO, she needed to see them being used to be sold.

“We always say, ‘It’s hard to believe but easy to use,’” says Ronan, now the president of ENJO Canada, the Canadian distributor for ENJO cleaning products, which use advanced micro-fibre technology to clean nearly any surface in the home with just cold water, no chemicals required. The company uses the direct-selling model and has a forward-looking philosophy, empowering people to start their own businesses and always considering future generations by working to remove chemicals from the environment, one home at a time. ENJO is well known in Australia, where about 28 percent of families have ENJO products in the home.

Top Products


ENJO Kitchen Glove
The Kitchen Glove was the first ENJO fibre ever made. Designed to work in kitchen, where most dirt is greased based, its fibre acts like barbed wire, trapping grease in the barbs.

ENJO Floor Cleaner
Voted one of best products in Australia by Women’s World magazine, the cleaner is ergonomically designed, resulting in no residue, no chemicals, and no extra effort.

ENJO Bath Glove
The bathroom is where you use the most of toxic combination of chemicals, but the fibres on the Bath Glove are cut sharp to get into tiny pores found on bathroom surfaces to leave a good shine that keeps the surface cleaner longer.

Ronan gave the products a try, and the marks came right off. “I’m not easily convinced, but I was completely floored,” she says. “This did impress me.”

After the move, she found almost everyone in her new town used ENJO products. “Over time, I tried all of their products, looking for one that wouldn’t meet my standards or wouldn’t live up to the company’s claims; I never found it,” she says.

When health complications arose with her son Jack and his hearing, she made the decision to move back to Canada where he could benefit from the best specialists and care available. She knew being an entrepreneur gave her the best chance at having flexibility and the most time with her family, but she also knew that for it to work, she had to do something she believed in. ENJO was a perfect fit.

“I loved the product but also what I thought the product could do,” she says. “Not just cleaning but empowering people to have their own business, especially women, who maybe want to stay home with children or want a second income.”

ENJO Canada has been extremely successful, and it’s something that Ronan attributes to the products and the people. Using the direct-selling and party-planning model, the company has been selective about who it gets to sell its products and lead its selling teams, as it doesn’t take just anyone. The company has seen a growth rate of 33 percent annually and was named by Profit magazine as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. It’s a growth that Ronan believes can be sustained long-term.

“It has been an organic growth, and it’s because we invest in the right people,” Ronan says. “Our philosophy is that negativity can’t live in our positive world. If people come in looking to get rich quick and not focus on service, they don’t last long.”

The party-planning method also fits well with the products themselves. Due to the nature of the product, cleaning without the aid of any chemical, the shelf doesn’t sell them; one really needs to see it to believe it.

The idea of cleaning up any mess with just a cloth and water is stunning, and the implications of that reality are equally important. ENJO Canada places a high priority on being a socially responsible company. All of its products are manufactured by hand in a beautiful region in Austria, while other similar goods are made in India or China. “Obviously there is a certain stigma attached to that, and we’re very proud of where and how our products are made,” says Ronan.

ENJO also acknowledges the importance of the environment and considers every chemical taken out of the home a victory. Using ENJO products in the household reduces a family’s chemical usage by 90 percent, resulting in less chemicals becoming airborne, less packaging in the landfills, and less chemicals going down the drain. Ronan believes in the products and believes they are contributing to a better future.

“It’s not just what you do today; it’s how that’s going to affect the health of generations to come,” she says. “With ENJO, you remove chemicals, spend less money, and actually have a cleaner house.”