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Bronwyn Mondoux of Cinnamon Toast, Creative + Strategy discusses the state of the Canadian marketing industry

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The owner and creative director shares her top resources

The Method Method

“It’s about how a small soap company became a giant in a saturated industry. I think any business owner should read this book.”

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From Good to Great

“It’s about how to become an effective leader by having the right people on your team.”

[Key Resource]

“It’s an online accounting system that keeps track of estimates, proposals, and invoicing. We use it every day.”

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Pivotal Tracker

“This app allows you to manage your entire team by allowing you check the status of individual projects.”

We’ve seen a convergence of marketing and design. In the past, marketing and design agencies tended to be separate entities. Recently, we’ve seen a merging of the two industries. In our model, knowing the business values that we are marketing can clearly be showcased through the design solution.

Most of the time, companies come to us with a challenge. Sometimes people don’t understand the company’s services. Sometimes the company’s product isn’t selling. Whatever it is, our job is to come up with a visual communication solution. It could be a logo design or a mobile app, or it could be multiplatform.

Brand is everything. When a client wants to market something, the first thing we do is look at their existing brand. By that, I don’t just mean the logo; I mean everything the company is doing, from the way people pick up the phones to the signage being used. If you don’t have a consistent brand, it can be difficult to market your product.

Technology is changing the industry. We used to think print, print, print. Print campaigns are beautiful and we love them, but this tends to be the exception rather than the rule. Most campaigns are online, using social media and/or mobile technology.

Mobile is big. When designing, you have to think about how it appears on mobile device first and foremost, because that’s probably how people will be viewing it—even older people! Women between the ages of 30 and 50 are really online, and they’re often making the buying decisions.

We’re learning every day. Apps can be as simple as helping people organize tasks, or as complex as helping children going through cancer treatment log the way they feel day to day. Technology has really changed the face of design and marketing.