Inside Look: Going Social

Avid Life Media’s David Benoliel leads the pack in online connections

David Benoliel, chief revenue officer of Avid Life Media, oversees a diverse group of professionals in a diverse company. Spanning 25 countries and focused on consumer acquisition, Benoliel thrives in an environment driven by business development deals and strong teamwork. And while he freely gives credit to others in his group for the company’s accomplishments, it’s clear he has his finger and the pulse of the digital marketing and affiliate space. Dedicated to empowering those on his team to drive the business forward, Benoliel is also passionate about inspiring greatness in others, enjoying the collaborative processes behind market innovations, and learning more about the world around him.

The prospect of new partnerships

“I think most businesses have a very myopic view: they think they have the most incredible technology, people, and ideas, and then you go to a conference and see that everyone is doing similar things. [But] when you can get together with people and develop real partnerships—whether it’s a competitor or someone who is aligned with you—that’s where you can move from small hops to leaps forward.”

the anti-micromanager

“My philosophy is that when you’re involved in an organization, you need to know your strengths and build upon them. Have the right people around you to help you where you aren’t strong”

Benoliel’s  Favourites

Movie: Scarface and The Blues Brothers

Book: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

Album: The Beatles’ White Album

TV Show: Saturday Night Live and Hockey Night in Canada

business travel meets family time

“I’ve taken my wife with me on several trips this year, and she has sat in on some of the events I was doing. Afterwards, we have great discussions, and she offers very insightful comments.”

getting out of the office

“I travel a lot and usually try to stay an extra day to take in the sights. I feel that when you’re outside of your office, you get a totally different perspective.”

launching & Maintaining robust online communities

“I have female profiles, male profiles, gay profiles. I have all of these different things going, and you can start to lose sense of who you are.”