Engineered Wood & Flooring Systems

from Warman Truss

Dave Holst had to take matters into his own hands. Tired of not receiving flooring and roofing materials on time for his own building endeavours, he decided in 1998 to start his own company to provide custom-made truss systems. “The idea was to deliver a whole housing package on time,” explains Roy Bedient, the manager at Warman Truss.

Building off a business model that honoured its customers by not committing to take on more work than it could reasonably handle, Warman Truss’ reputation exploded. The company calls it the “just in time” guarantee.

“We limited ourselves to so many customers, knowing we could produce so much product and still keep a timeline of two to three weeks to deliver,” Bedient says. “It’s a time frame that everybody can work with. Our customers are all dealers in our market.”

Now, more than 10 years later, Warman Truss has doubled in size. With a design and sales team of six headed by Kelly Davis, the sales and design manager, along with a product crew of 75, the company is ready for whatever the future holds.

Truss System

Custom-built roofing solutions

Over the years, the superiority of truss systems has proven that roofs need to be built this way. But what can be done to them with modern technology is a whole different ball game.

“You can build just about anything with the new, computerized saws and tables,” says Bedient of the new technology. “We’re really pushing the envelope on ridgelines, valleys, vaults—whatever the customer wants to put in.”

Warman Truss also has a third-party quality-control program through the Western Wood Truss Association. Consultants come in and evaluate the quality of Warman’s products on a regular basis.

Lots of companies can promise the same thing, Bedient says, but what matters is whether they can back up their guarantees. “What do I do special?” Bedient asks. “What I do is I make sure they get the product when they need it.”

Open Wood Web System

Subflooring systems

In recent years, engineering capabilities for wood web flooring systems have improved by leaps and bounds. The design itself has re-

mained relatively constant, but the ability to be quick and precise is unparalleled. As a result, material and labour costs have been brought way down, and there’s less waste.

“We’re so busy right now—we’re producing 24 hours a day,” Bedient says. “What I won’t do is promise a client what I can’t give. They may not like my answer, but it will be the right one.”

Wood web flooring provides certain benefits over other systems. It’s more efficient and effortless for multistorey houses with heat runs and cold-air returns. “It’s a high-quality product in my opinion,” Bedient says. “Some people use wood web exclusively. It provides less bounce and less vibration.”

SolidStart Wood I-Joists

Custom-built flooring solutions

I-joists are perfect for long floor spans because the flanges are specially engineered to hold up against stress from bending and deflection. On the other side of the equation, the web is particularly well equipped to withstand sheer.

There’s also a marked commitment to sustainable practices on the provider’s end. The wood comes from SFI-certified forests, which are evaluated for proper management. The manufacturer uses every part of the log, and any waste is converted to mill fuel. Finally, the resins used avoid any presence of urea formaldehyde.

“The big thing about I-joists is that they’re more economical on shorter spans, and it’s a stock item, which makes it readily available,” Bedient says. “A lot of homeowners these days are choosing to go this route.”