Enhancing Human Capital

How Options Consulting Solutions’ recruitment strategies offer the best of both worlds, for job seeker and employer alike

Founder Antoinette King has appeared on Monster.ca’s list of best bosses in Canada.

When most companies hear the word “capital,” they think of funds, assets, and financial gain. The capitalistic approach can help companies find solutions that yield the most profit, but it can also force them to lose sight of those individuals who help run it. As organizations begin to see numbers instead of faces, the value of employees becomes merely external. This paradigm has always existed in the corporate world, and it becomes a challenge for both employer and employee to find a symbiotic formula that results in financial gain as well as individual success.

For more than 20 years, Options Consulting Solutions (OCS) has been operating in Toronto as a full-service consulting firm. To OCS, the word “capital” has a different meaning—one that focuses on attributes such as social skills and personal talents rather than funds or assets. It’s a niche agency that values human capital and recognizes the contributions and potential of prospective individuals. OCS strives for the perfect match between company and candidate through an intensive, six-step recruitment process in order to present people with career opportunities while also yielding the best results for companies.

Working at OCS is a little like working in a classroom with your favourite teacher; it’s an open, reactive environment where employees work together and learn from one another. Antoinette King, the company’s founder, plays the part of teacher, coaching employees to fit within the office culture while continuously educating them on the company’s philosophy. “I encourage and empower my staff to solve day-to-day problems on their own so they can get used to solving problems,” King says. As her employees work diligently to serve clients, King works with them, sharing her wisdom and perspectives, and offering work incentives such as team trips and in-house contests, while, ultimately, motivating them to be the best they can be.

Offering a personalized approach to their business, OCS consultants are expected to consider their own interests and hobbies when taking on clients. In other words, individual consultants serve clients who work within the industries that he or she finds most interesting. “[By] encouraging personal interest and continuing education, we embrace the company philosophy of being the best we can be, not only as individuals, but as an entire organization,” King says. She believes that much of her company’s success lies in the hard work and dedication of her staff. In 2005, King was voted one of Canada’s best bosses on Monster.ca’s list of Canadian bosses. She is grateful for this honour and remains humbled by it even to this day.

OCS does not simply preach certain ideologies to clients; it embraces them by operating under pretenses that build and enhance human capital. Amanda Plummer works as a consultant’s assistant and is the social-media administrator at OCS. Her experience serves as an example of how the company operates internally to support the talents, skills, and abilities of each employee. Under the guidance of King, Plummer has expanded her role as social-media administrator, taking Facebook and Twitter courses in order to learn and implement ways to better market the company on a social-media platform. By investing in Amanda and giving her the opportunity to grow and learn, OCS fills its own human-capital needs so it can better serve and provide solutions to its clients.

Options Consulting Solutions differentiates itself from other recruitment firms by enhancing the human-capital needs of each candidate and company. All consultants must live by one golden rule: candidates will not be submitted to a company unless he or she meets 90 percent of the company’s criteria. A customized and totally unique recruitment process allows OCS to work under such a strenuous rule. It touts a hire rate/placement ratio of 81 percent. This impressive statistic can only be achieved by operating within a business model that aims to integrate human capital holistically, in order to best meet the needs and demands of clients.