Pushing the Pipeline

Millenia Engineering brings an innovative yet old-school approach to the energy industry

Millenia’s senior partners, from left: Travis Wolfe, senior manager of instrumentation, electrical, and controls; Jeff Scott, general manager and process and technology engineering lead; Grahaham MacPherson, project manager and construction manager; John Homer, project manager; and Robert Gasper, project manager.

5 Questions
with Robert Gasper

1. What does innovation mean to your company?
Meeting the client’s needs at the frontline, in the trenches, in the field, and at the grassroots level.

2. Is there a technology, trend, or idea that’s driving your company forward?
The development of carbon-dioxide-recovery. We ensure strict project management and provide timely, innovative design work.

3. How do you innovate on a day-to-day basis?
It may sound old-school, but the best way to innovate is by engaging in hard, hands-on work every day.

4. Where do you hope this innovation will lead you in the next five years?
We are the go-to people in the industry. Millenia Engineering offers services that are unique, taking personal ownership in our clients’ work and [being] known for our approach.

5. How do you cultivate innovation among your workforce?
We set an expectation of excellence among all levels of staff. Our culture reinforces exploring the best way to accomplish a task rather than looking for the easy way out. Do what’s best, not what’s easiest. No shortcuts allowed.

Founded in 1995, in Calgary, Alberta, Millenia Engineering provides cost-effective solutions with professional and innovative project management, engineering, procurement, and construction-management services tailored to the energy industry.

A privately owned Canadian partnership targeting the oil-and-gas industry, Millenia “corners the market in design, configuration, and installation of process systems for both new and existing facilities while working closely with operations personnel and systems suppliers to best serve the client’s needs,” says partner Robert Gasper, P.Eng.

Millenia Engineering is run by five partners who have personal and professional investments in the company. “Each partner has a unique set of skills and is responsible for a variety of management- and project-related duties,” Gasper explains. “We each also have a hands-on approach in the business, from being involved in the daily operations to overseeing all projects as they roll out.”

He adds that Millenia is a team-focused organization, with each partner acting as project manager. “We boast numerous specialists in a wide variety of fields,  so we can offer a full discipline approach,” Gasper says.

Millenia’s competitive edge comes from its diverse service offerings. The firm boasts a core team of professionals capable of designing and managing various projects, from conceptual design through start-up, including all engineering disciplines and government regulatory requirements. Project execution typically includes estimating, designing, purchasing, expediting, and cost control/scheduling. The partners alone share more than 100 years of combined experience in all facets of project and construction management.

The company offers services predominantly in Alberta, with select projects in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Millenia’s capabilities include all facets of the upstream oil-and-gas industry, from oil batteries to gas plants to pipelines to compressions to water injection and EOR work.

Millenia has completed numerous gas-plant optimization studies for the extraction of carbon dioxide and EOR injection schemes. “Our team has successfully designed and installed the respective injection compressors and associated injection pipelines, as well as injection metering skids,” Gasper says. “On the production side, we’ve worked closely with operations personnel to develop facilities and operating procedures specific to the production of oil wells containing high amounts of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.”

Millenia  also holds a patents for two innovative technologies that were developed internally as processes to make the company’s work more productive and efficient. The first, known as “Dil$ave,” or DPSP, is a process that recovers and reuses diluents, a product that is mixed with oil in heavy-oil production to make it light enough to pump, process, and ship. “The process we developed produces numerous benefits, including a significant drop in flaring, a substantial decrease in operating costs, and a reduction in environmental impact,” says Graham MacPherson, P.Eng., a project manager and Millenia partner.

The second patent, known as the water-cut-metering patent, is a metering technology that measures the water content in produced oil more accurately and easily than traditional methods.

“When producing oil, it’s important to know how much water is in the oil so you can know how much needs to be separated out during production,” MacPherson explains. “Our water-cut-metering patent can precisely provide this measurement, which optimizes the process to remove water from the oil.”

In an industry that involves a large amount of reactive work, Millenia prides itself on the ability to meet the customer’s needs through accelerated schedules and by going the extra mile to research various options for each project. “Our customer-service approach is very simple: make it cost effective, make it safe, make it easy, then get it done,” Gasper says. “We pride ourselves on practical, common-sense solutions that get results.”

Moving forward, Millenia will continue to execute any scale of conventional or unconventional oil-and-gas projects, with customer flexibility in mind. “Our goal is to be widely recognized for our expertise,” Gasper says. “We plan to meet this goal by continuing to meet the needs of the managers and the field workers, working in the trenches doing what we do best.”