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How HRWARE’s software solutions help manage employees for companies of all sizes

Kathy Tuitt, president and CEO, originally trained as a chartered accountant before launching HRWARE.
Kathy Tuitt, president and CEO, originally trained as a chartered accountant before launching HRWARE.

As advertising legend Fairfax Cone of Foote Cone & Belding once said, “The inventory goes down the elevator every night.” To whit: a company’s most valuable assets are its employees. That’s exactly the philosophy embraced by HRWARE, a Brampton, Ontario-based company that creates and operates what it calls “human capital management” software solutions for small to midsize companies.

“Our systems provide for the entire life cycle of the employee—from hire to termination,” says Kathy Tuitt, president and CEO of HRWARE. “Our systems cover everything you need to manage employees, from job posting, recruitment, interviewing, payroll and benefits, training, absences, performance reviews, and compensation planning.”

Tuitt, who founded the company in 1994 with two partners, says that the software is designed to address the often-complicated and complex needs of human-resource management and is designed and implemented as a “best practices” solution for companies across all industries.

It can manage pay scales and benefits in such complex industries as health care or energy and mining, in which multiple unions, agreements, and various rates of pay are present.

“For example, a staff nurse might work one shift at one rate of pay and then pull a night shift that requires different qualifications or skills at another rate of pay,” Tuitt says. “That’s where it could start getting really complicated for the customer.”

By the NumbersThey can also coordinate a number of benefits plans, allowing the employee to enroll and choose their plan online. “Many companies offer a selection of carriers,” says Tuitt. “They might have a couple for health and dental and a different carrier for life insurance, so we allow them to unify across plans. It’s a huge time saver for our customers.”

But benefits and payroll are only part of the picture. HRWARE’s detailed analytics and HR reports, as Tuitt states succinctly, “provide the proper data to the proper people at the proper time.” The tools allow executives and managers to retain, reward, and motivate employees to achieve their business objectives.

Recruitment is a costly endeavour. So if an executive can receive timely, accessible data to understand why his or her turnover rate is so high, for example, the information can allow them to be proactive rather than reactive, saving tons of time and money over the long run.

“Talent management is also key,” Tuitt says. “I think any company can appreciate the need to properly compensate and reward its top performers.” She explains that by using HRWARE’s software, executives can access and review this data instantly. They can even put succession plans in place so that people with specialized training or skills can be recruited and replaced before they retire. And although most clients buy the standard package, Tuitt says it can be customized to meet specific needs after a detailed requirement analysis is performed.

Clients receive their services in one of three ways: as a licensed, on-site solution; a SAAS (software as a service), which provides service for a monthly fee; or as a hosted, licensed solution (also known as working in the cloud.) Tuitt says that because the data is highly confidential, HRWARE must maintain the strictest levels of security.

After years working in the industry, Tuitt, who originally trained as a chartered accountant, along with her partner’s husband, Alfred Tuitt (VP of marketing), and Tony Couto (CIO), decided they would strike out on their own, founding the company after much research. Today, they employ about 25 people and target customers that have between 500 and 5,000 employees.

Historically focusing on Canada but with customer installations all over the world, HRWARE offers the local advantage. Tuitt says that clients appreciate their Canadian presence and the familiarity with the local markets, industries, and legislation. Almost ready for launch is its new employee management solution called Aperio HR, designed to be scalable for any-size organizations.

“We really enjoy what we do,” Tuitt says. “I think the secret to our success is that we have good people who go the extra mile.”

Valuing their own employees, of course, comes naturally to HRWARE, which treats the entire company to a weekend at Niagara Falls if they meet their goals. “We work hard and yet we’re just like a family here,” says Tuitt.  “I think it shows.”