Grab Bag: In Tandem with Tablets

These accessories flesh out the mobile power of the tablet workforce

Writing with lasers

Rather than lug a full keyboard around, the Magic Cube lets you project a keyboard on any flat surface. Perfect for on-the-go users. Magic Cube / $199.95 /

Cord wrangler

No matter how many cords get plugged into your tablet, the Sumo promises to keep them straight. Sumo / $11.95 /


Soft but strong

An innovative polymer keeps this case crystal clear and durable. The anti-slip texture allows the iPad to rest on up to 70 degrees inclines.    SofShell / $49.50 /


Compact keyboard

The iPad finds a natural home in this portable keyboard, designed to turn your tablet into a word cruncher. Writer Plus / $99.99 /


From any angle

A protective cover by day, display assistant by night, the Pong Case blends innovative versatility with core functionality. iPad 2 Pong Case / $99.99 /

Space age

The wide grip of the Cosmonaut provides a much looser flow than other tablet styluses. Cosmonaut / $25.00 /