Grab Bag: Must-Have Gadgets

Let these feats of engineering smooth out the friction of your workday

“Lifeproof” design

Motorola’s new smartphone features a scratch-resistant, dustproof, and water-resistant glass faceplate that’s sure to best whatever you throw at it. DEFY+ / $295.95 /

Can you hear us now?

These earphones pack a punch. Granted, these are for the audiophiles, but Shure manufacturers several other options to bring your music up to snuff. SE535 / $499.00 /


Higher-tech headset

Dual microphones prevent background interference on this headset, ensuring you can go about business uninterrupted.  Discovery 975 / $99.99 /

Cut the cords

The MiniDock provides iPhone and iPod users safe storage for their pricey devices, mounting them upright on the original USB adapters.
MiniDock / $19.95 /

Wallet grooming

The size of a credit card, this gizmo folds into both a razor and mirror. Carzor: everywhere you want to … shave. Carzor / $17.00 /

Jotting in style

Compatible with most popular tablets, Jot returns accuracy to writing on a tablet interface. A clear disc provides a protective layer between the surface, giving unprecedented control.
Jot / $19.99 /