Vibrantly Branded Bags & Labels

from Color Ad Group

New technologies are allowing Color Ad Group to manufacture labels in a variety of areas

Founded in 2000 and made up of more than 240 skilled employees, Color Ad Group’s extensive list of bags and labels has become an effective advertising vehicle for big-name clients. Via a label on a soft drink or a bag of popcorn at the local movie theatre, the work of Color Ad Group has been on display across both Canada and the United States. “Consumers these days are bombarded with millions of logos and brands,” explains Alan Poirier, vice president of communications. “Our goal is to create and produce the best in direct advertising via attractive copy that will be easy to spot.”

Recently purchased by well-known Canadian entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist G. Raymond Chang, Color Ad Group finds itself perfectly positioned to tackle new challenges within the industry and to embrace new technologies that will take its clients to a whole new level.

Theatre Bags

Step into any movie theatre, and chances are you will find people waiting at the concession stand. After all, what’s a movie without popcorn? Many advertisers have become aware of this opportunity to reach their target audience via theatre bags. “The traditional popcorn bag has become an effective marketing tool for advertisers, and we are there to meet that need,” explains Chip Batten, Color Ad Group’s vice president of sales. “There was a time when we needed to account for a rather long lead time for these theatre bags. However, advances in technology have allowed us to cut the turnaround time in half.”

Color Ad Group has been manufacturing the bags for many years, and its work can now be found at some of the largest theatre chains and movie distributors. Available in either Gravure or Flexographic styles, technology has allowed for amazing reproduction imagery on these bags. “I would say we produce 20–30 specialized, promotional theatre bags per year for a diverse group of clientele,” Poirier says. “Thanks to our internal graphic department, we also work with various advertising agencies and art houses, as well as a partner, to make sure their creative looks its best via these theatre bags.”

Beverage Labels

Standing out in the increasingly crowded store aisle is a challenge. Yet, Color Ad Group’s production of roll-fed labels, which utilize white-clear or clear-clear construction, has set the company apart from much of its competition. “These days, we can handle much larger runs of beverage labels than ever before,” Poirier says. “Computerized technology has allowed our presses to offer our clients exacting standards never seen before. It’s quite amazing to see how far we have come.”

Handling a number of different brands, including the Safeway brand of house beverages, Color Ad Group’s ability to produce these beverage labels has impressed many clients. “The colours are the most essential part of the process,” Poirier says. “There was a time when the colours would look pretty worn out; yet, our presses can produce 8,000–10,000 feet of labels per minute, and with the naked eye, the colour will always be an exact match.”

The turnaround time is also shorter than ever before. “We used to require a 6–8 week turnaround to take a product to market,” Poirier says. “These days, it’s more like 3–4 weeks. We have a lot of technology at our fingertips.”

Paper Bags

When Ghirardelli approached the printing executives at Color Ad Group, the fine chocolatier was rather specific about the bags it hoped to create for its North American customers, as the exacting standards on the bags in the German marketplace were quite pristine. So far so good. Poirier reports that Ghirardelli has been impressed with the quality of the bags thus far. “The shiny colours, the sharp type … it’s a very hard thing to print on laminated material,” Poirier says. “There are a fair number of things that can go wrong throughout the printing process. Luckily, we have a dedicated and skilled quality-control department that watches for any issues that might come up.”

In recent years, the paper bags produced by Color Ad Group have also become more sustainable, as the company works to make them as recyclable as possible. “This year, we are looking forward to expanding into a number of new markets, including increased production of bags within the coffee and confectionary categories,” Poirier says. “Thanks to the massive upgrade we have taken in terms of our equipment, we are excited for what the future has to offer.”