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CBCI Telecom’s videoconferencing technologies save companies time and money

President Denis Dumouchel views it as CBCI’s responsibility to show skeptics just how beneficial the company’s services are.

There’s a company in Canada where employees are key—where work-life balance is not merely promoted but linked specifically to customer satisfaction in an effort to ensure prosperity and growth. That company is CBCI Telecom—Canada’s largest reseller of videoconferencing products—which works closely with industry-leading manufacturers like Cisco Systems to provide videoconferencing services and solutions to public and private sectors.

Denis Dumouchel, the president of CBCI, believes in a familial workplace where employee satisfaction is not merely preached but practiced. “Everyone in the company depends on the satisfaction of the customer,” he says. “My employees must feel satisfied first in order to satisfy the customer.”

Employee satisfaction is so vital, in fact, that once a year Dumouchel brings his entire staff to CBCI’s main office, in Montréal, for a two-day retreat devoted to teamwork and customer service. The retreat serves as an effort to attain the company’s vision: to reinvent and facilitate the way of doing business using video technology and audiovisual services. CBCI envisions a future where organizations—no matter how big or small—use their services in order to collaborate with coworkers and customers to successfully conduct business.

Of course, the company has its share of competition. In past several years, free videoconferencing services such as Skype or Google Video have been on the rise—yet CBCI has continued to thrive. The reason, according to Denis Dumouchel, is because free videoconferencing services are the inferior option. To him, free services lack focus and competitive edge, which hinders the product, whereas CBCI devotes itself completely to videoconferencing, in order to ensure the quality of its product. “If you want to be great, you need to focus,” Dumouchel says. “Once customers use our videoconferencing, they won’t go back.”

This confidence isn’t unfounded; after all, for 10 years in a row, Dumouchel’s company has been awarded Partner of the Year by Tandberg and Cisco Systems. In addition, CBCI is the preferred provider of videoconferencing services and solutions to the Canadian federal government, provincial government, and the healthcare industry.

CBCI’s biggest obstacle, however, is not its opponents touting free services; rather, it’s a more internal one. Given the esoteric nature of videoconference technology and audiovisual services and solutions, finding talented resources can be a struggle. Therefore, it’s up to CBCI to search for new and talented candidates and educate them internally. An additional obstacle created within the industry has everything to do with perception and the somewhat habitual nature of business. Companies deeply rooted in the face-to-face, physical presence of meetings and conferencing will sometimes shy away from video-technology providers. In an effort to refute this somewhat antiquated way of doing business, CBCI works diligently to promote the ever-evolving benefits of videoconferencing. The company welcomes the chance to present a new and cutting-edge way of conducting business. CBCI views it as the company’s responsibility to show sceptics just how cost-effective and beneficial their service is.

Moreover, by striving to cut down company travel by 60 percent, CBCI works to save its customers both time and money. “People like to travel, but our service allows people to work remotely at home or in an office,” Domouchel says. “So you’re looking at no travel, no hassle, no stress.”

The one irrefutable aspect of CBCI’s service is its ability to provide customers with easy solutions that drastically improve their work-life balance. Whether it’s the ability to communicate seamlessly with coworkers (regardless of geographical relations), or the amount of money saved through videoconferencing, the company guarantees it can improve any working environment. As a leading provider of video technology, CBCI is dedicated to enhancing productivity and quality of life for all of its users. Who wouldn’t benefit from that?