Cerebral Support

Through smart acquisitions and steady growth, Brains II helps address any technological need

CEO and founder Charles Hanna keeps customers connected to “reliable system environments, with minimum downtime and disruption.”

Since its modest beginnings in the basement of founder Charles Hanna’s home in 1979, Brains II has become a technological powerhouse that serves a vast range of industries, including education, healthcare, manufacturing and refineries, transportation, government, and banking, across Canada. Brain II’s emphasis on service consolidation—spanning across a client organization’s diverse IT infrastructure—has figured prominently in its success.

“We strive to provide clients with total solutions to meet their technological needs, regardless of manufacturer,” Hanna says. “Service consolidation improves performance and efficiency. It also protects the user from manufacturers who only provide service based on the use and life expectancy of their products.”

Thanks to its depth of technical knowledge, Brains II has consistently proven itself in mission-critical environments as a successful third-party service provider. “Our goal is to help our customers stay productive and connected to reliable system environments, with minimum downtime and disruption,” Hanna says. “We understand that requirements vary, so we offer a variety of service plans, depending upon budgets and coverage needs.”

These plans include full-coverage contracts, as well as those based on time and materials. To monitor it all, Brains II utilizes BSMART, a web-based call-management system that handles call dispatch, call escalation, parts management, warranty and asset tracking, and service reporting.

Brains II has also expanded its corporate reach through several strategic partnerships. A case in point is HSBC Bank Canada’s Refresh Desktop Project, a massive undertaking that involved upgrading and replacing thousands of computers and printers in 143 branches across Canada. Awarded this lucrative contract with software partner Softchoice, Brains II and Softchoice exceeded HSBC’s expectations with a comprehensive package that far surpassed other bidders. In yet another high-profile project, Dimension Data turned to Brains II to help with the installation of an extensive Cisco Router network and 4,000 Internet-protocol-based telephones for HSBC branches in Canada.

As it completes such notable projects, Brains II is keenly aware of the client’s bottom line. “Expense is a vital factor in any business, so cost effectiveness is paramount,” Hanna says. “We have been able to cut our customers’ cost for service and support significantly while improving their overall performance and manageability.”

This strategy is proving equally beneficial as Brains II ventures into what Hanna calls “orphaned hardware” sales and support. “In essence, orphaned hardware is not supported by the manufacturer,” he says. “The value that we add is that, when these hardware solutions are of great value to our customers, we package them with our comprehensive service and support offerings. These can amount to substantial savings for customers, and their intrinsic value has proven very attractive to potential clients.”

This strong service and price orientation will likely further solidify Brains II’s leadership status, and Hanna’s outlook is confirmation of this. “There is no doubt in my mind that we are ideally poised for the growing demands of technology, both now and in the future, as we have done for the past 33 years,” he says.