Pivotal Pet Care & Protection

from Pethealth Inc.

Pet lover Mark Warren, president and CEO (pictured here with his dogs Cumberland, Purdy, Timothy, and Flash), knows how important pet insurance and security devices are. Photo: Simon Wilson.

Pethealth Inc. was incorporated in 1998 to meet a growing need in the pet industry: the need for comprehensive, affordable, and flexible health-insurance coverage for domesticated dogs and cats.

The Oakville, Ontario-based company has since grown into one of the largest pet-insurance providers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The company’s product line has expanded to encompass radio-frequency-identification (RFID) microchip technology and numerous software applications for veterinarians, animal shelters, and other pet-care-industry members. Since it began selling insurance in 1999, Pethealth has paid more than $165 million in claims.

Pethealth’s success is attributable to the dominance and efficacy of its four leading services: pet-health insurance, 24PetWatch microchipping and lost-pet recovery, PetPoint animal-management systems, and the online pet portal, Petango.com. In particular, an Ohio University study rated PetPoint as one of the most effective animal-shelter database-management systems.

Pethealth Insurance Programs

Mitigates costs for vital medical procedures for dogs and cats

Beginning with the early success of its PetCare Insurance Programs in Canada, Pethealth has since expanded its service offerings to the United States and the United Kingdom. As part of its strategy, the company seeks to label or co-brand programs with distribution partners such as the Ontario SPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Union Privilege, and Stop & Shop Supermarket Company’s Giant Food stores.

Pethealth insurance programs help mitigate the costs for vital—and potentially expensive—medical procedures (including X-rays, MRIs, blood work, surgery, hospitalization, organ transplants, cat scans, prescription medication, and more) for dogs and cats. Higher-level policies can even help cover expenses for boarding-kennel fees and recovery costs associated with lost pets.

“From the start, we’ve been highly effective at helping pet owners better manage healthcare costs associated with their companion animals,” says Mark Warren, president and CEO of Pethealth.


Microchip identification and 24/7 pet registry and recovery network

Through its 24PetWatch brand, Pethealth is a leading provider of RFID-microchip technology for companion animal usage in North America, a market it successfully entered in 2003. About the size of a grain of rice, microchips are glass-encased transponders implanted just below the skin, and each has unique numbers that can be read at a particular radio frequency. When a stray pet is brought to a shelter or clinic, it is scanned for a microchip that, in turn, is associated with contact information for the pet owner held in a database. The 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery database holds information on more than 4.3 million registered pets, and reunites thousands of lost pets with their owners every year. “Microchipping provides a permanent method of pet identification,” Warren says. “Combined with an external ID tag, it provides the most comprehensive identification system and the best chance yet of returning the pet to its owner.”


Web-based animal database-management software for the animal-welfare community

With nearly 1,700 licensed PetPoint organizations, Pethealth is a leading provider of animal database-management software for the animal-welfare community in North America. PetPoint provides data hosting and administrative applications through cutting-edge, cloud-based technology for optimal shelter management. Shelters can effectively perform expert reporting, maintain accurate animal inventory, develop medical records and tracking, and fulfill animal transfers within a single cloud-based network. As part of the company’s initiative to reduce stray pets, newly adopted animals are also registered with the database and microchipped through 24PetWatch. “PetPoint gives animal-welfare groups the technological advantage essential to operating a modern, well-run shelter,” Warren says. “By managing daily operational tasks, PetPoint allows animal-welfare professionals to focus more of their energy on providing quality care and treatment to dogs and cats in their care.”