Grab Bag: Righteous Writing

Innovative writing aids make jotting notes convenient, stylish, and exciting

1. Playful spins
Aviation science for the palm of your hand, this pen balances on a stand as a propeller in waiting when not in use. Chrome Propeller Pen / $35.00 /



2. Engineered Simplicity
Give your desk a sleek, aluminum finish with these desk organizers. Designed to match the Mac aesthetic, they offer a clean, elegant solution to all of your organizational woes. Desk Set Professional / $189.00 /


3. Refined Writing
Give your hand a porcelain vacation with the latest from Montblanc, longtime manufacturer of the world’s finest luxury pens. Montblanc Meisterstück Porcelain / $140.99 /




4. Thick as Thieves
Finally, your notebook will never be without the pencil, and your pencil will never be without the notebook. The built-in pocket is sized to hold most pens, too. Available in two sizes. Notebook and Pencil / $11.85 /




5. Say It Again
This pen records voices, remembers what is scribbled, translates words, hosts apps, and could ensure you never forget anything at all. Livescribe Echo Smartpen / $167.00 /




6. Adaptable Storage
Finally, an organizer that helps keep track of the little things without becoming hopelessly overrun itself. Each unit is made from wood offcuts and is lined with industrial felt. The Desk Buddy / $195.00 /