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Nicolas Hien Dollarama

Nicolas Hien on the Art of Keeping It Simple

After asking about vacancies at Dollarama, Nicolas Hien cemented his dual position to help grow the company in Canada and throughout Latin America

Neil King Morneau Shepell

Neil King Brings Mental Health to the Forefront

LifeWorks President Neil King wants employees to know they have access to help at any time for any reason through their EAPs

Gregory Orleski Pharmascience

Gregory Orleski Supports and Builds the Business

Pharmascience GC Gregory Orleski has a mandate for all potential in-house lawyers: don’t expect to get hired if you just want to practice law

Julie Magner Knows What’s in Store

Julie Magner thrives as Hudson Bay’s vice president of merchandising thanks to her passion, team spirit, and “make it happen” philosophy

Lynne Mackan Roy Cambrian Credit Union

Lynne Mackan-Roy Keeps Cambrian Contemporary

Lynne Mackan-Roy, chief information and technology officer for Cambrian Credit Union, continuously modernises the credit union’s banking system

Mèlissa Lessard, Couche-Tard

Mélissa Lessard: “Retail Is Never Going to Be Dead”

Mélissa Lessard has answered every opportunity with a “yes”—and it’s paying off big in her current role as Couche-Tard’s head of marketing and merchandising

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David Badurina Hyundai

David Badurina Brings Legal to the Forefront of Innovation

From overhauling processes to an entirely new business model, David Badurina made innovation the name of the game at Hyundai Canada

George Krausz Motorola Solutions

George Krausz Achieves Success by Innovating ‘Obsessively’

George Krausz has led Motorola Solutions Canada on a path of transformation in recent years as the company has grown its offerings and added hundreds of new employees

True Patriot Love

Whether he’s broadcasting sports coverage in Rio or in Canada, Greg Stremlaw’s passion for sports shines when he helps the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation bring people together under the maple leaf

Blend In to Stand Out

Alessandro Munge uses his cultural expertise to create grand designs that are unique yet fit their surroundings