A Safe Bet

How Elizabeth Alves built Cogeco’s internal-audit process from scratch, helping keep the telecommunications company poised for significant growth More


Paper Trailblazer

How Metro English Canada’s VP of finance, Phil Jameson, is helping keep the evolving company and its assets up to date More


The Culture of Creativity

By keeping workers happy and engaged, Bleublancrouge’s Bernard Asselin is helping the ad agency remain approachable, flexible, and collaborative with clients More


A Rock-Solid Foundation

How Tony Hooper helped lay the groundwork for Unilock’s early success and how he’s bridging the gap as the next generation takes control More

Eaux Vives

Straight from the Source

Eaux Vives has one thing none of its competitors do: Canada’s purest natural water-filtration system, the ancient St. Mathieu esker, which produces the country’s top-selling ESKA spring water More


Life in the Grass Lane

Vega’s Mark Wilson is nurturing the plant-based nutrition company’s exponential growth with a passion for healthy, sustainable living More

Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect

Better Together

In a visual industry, Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect is harnessing 3-D imaging software to take its focus on collaboration to new levels More


An “A” for Analysis

Treasurer and VP of finance Steven Parfeniuk is helping Sheridan College reach its long-term goals by digging deep into its books to ensure the efficient use of its funds More